Eiffel Tower – Disney

24 mars 2016

Zing recreates the Eiffel Tower !

Disney approached Zing to create an Eiffel Tower entirely in Lycra. Rather than printing on fabric, we suggested laser-cutting the tissue to recreate the metal architecture of the tower.

The whole operation went like clockwork from the first sketches to the opening night.

Beautiful picture- and light show by the team from Groupe Novelty.

A special thank you to Liam O’Brien, project manager at Disney, for his kindness and ways to collaborate.

Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Eiffel8 Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Eiffel5 Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Eiffel4 Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Eiffel3